If you suffer from inflammation, then you are probably aware that it can cause an array of health issues, such as headaches, fatigue, and stiffness. Not only can these ailments affect your body, but they can also make it difficult to get through the workday. However, there are a few naturopathic precautions that you can take to help reduce pain and inflammation. Here are 3 ways to decrease inflammation with a proper diet.

Forgo the “Whites”

White Pasta can Lead to Higher Blood Sugar Levels.
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There are certain foods that contain a high glycemic load and these can cause an immediate spike in blood sugar levels. Some of the most common foods that will increase blood sugar levels are white pasta, white rice, and white flour, also known as the “whites”. When too much sugar is present in the blood it can lead to all sorts of health problems, like diabetes. One of the best ways to ensure that your blood sugar levels remain low is by switching from “whites” to whole grains or complex carbohydrates.

Up Your Fiber Intake

It may come as a surprise, but research has indicated that fiber can go a long way in reducing sugar levels in the blood. In addition, taking in more fiber is great to maintain bowel health and it can help lower cholesterol as well. If you are looking for ways to increase the fiber in your diet, consider eating more bran, prunes, and flax seed.

Cut Back on Dairy Products

Cutting Back on Dairy Products can Decrease Inflammation.
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While there is no denying that consuming small amounts of dairy in your diet can be completely healthy for most individuals, an overconsumption can lead to health issues such as inflammation. Not only this but when too much dairy is taken in by the body, it can cause increased rates of acne and also allergies. When trying to decrease inflammation in the body, it can be wise to switch to dairy alternatives, like that of soy milk or rice milk, as these products are both healthy and at the same time delicious.

In Summary

There is no doubt that inflammation is an unwanted hindrance on our well-being, and therefore, taking steps to decrease its effects can lead to a more productive life. One of the best ways to ensure that problems due to inflammation are kept at bay is by eliminating the “whites” from your diet. Furthermore, upping your intake of fiber will be helpful in reducing inflammation, while at the same time lowering your cholesterol. Lastly, cutting back on your intake of dairy products can also aid in ridding inflammation. If you are suffering from pain due to inflammation, keep these naturopathic tips in mind and the pain should be gone in no time.