For thousands of years, Acupuncture has been a reliable healing method or technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, this technique has already been accepted and is quite popular among patients in modern medicine for years now. Millions of Americans and a lot of patients all over the world have already tried this method. It’s even more popular in other countries. For example, one in five people in France has at least tried acupuncture once in their lifetime.


Curiosity piques the minds of many on how exactly does this technique work. By definition, acupuncture is the method of healing pain through the use of needles, along with pressure, heat, or other treatments, applied on specific points on the skin. Visualizing this healing technique may cause a little bubble of panic especially those who haven’t tried it. After all, sticking needles onto one’s skin can be quite scary.


However, worrying should be the last thing on their minds. This method has been proven safe for centuries now. If not, it wouldn’t have been recommended by doctors and medical practitioners. Therefore, patients should put their trust to the experts and let them do the magic.


So How Does Acupuncture Help Relieve Pain?


Acupuncture mainly works by stimulating specific points that are commonly referred to as “acupoints” or acupuncture points. It is done by inserting fine and sterile needles into one’s skin then pressure, heat or electrical stimulation may be added to further enhance its effects. Besides that, other methods of stimulation like manual massage, cupping, moxibustion, and also the application of herbal medicines.


This technique follows Traditional Chinese Medicine’s basis on the ancient philosophy about the balance of yin and yang. It describes the body, as well as the universe, in terms of two forces that oppose one another. In times when these forces are in balance, the body is in its best health. A constant flow of energy throughout the body, called “chi”, keeps the balance of the yin and yang forces.  If the energy flow gets blocked, the forces lose its balance and the blocked energy can lead to pain. Through acupuncture therapy, the blocked “chi” gets released and then the body’s forces retain back its balance as the pain eradicates.


Experts say that the needles that are strategically placed at specific points in the body cause it to release endorphins. These hormones act as the body’s natural painkillers. As the endorphins work, the body may experience a boost in its blood flow and a change in its brain activity. While this method has been practiced for centuries, this occurrence still has skeptics argue that acupuncture only works because it has a placebo effect. That means the technique only works because people will believe that it will.


What Exactly Happens During Treatment?


Before proceeding, the acupuncturist will first ask about the patient’s medical history. After that, he or she will check your vitals for assessment in order to determine the proper treatment plan that will address the patient’s condition. The acupuncturist usually sticks four to 10 fine, sterile needles into the skin and lets the patients rest with it for about 10 to 30 minutes. Treatment usually runs over a course of six to 12 session or up to three months.


For those who haven’t tried getting an acupuncture treatment, they would naturally wonder if it hurts. Well, the needles used for the treatment are very thin that most people will only feel very little pain or none at all. Oftentimes, those who tried it would say that they would usually feel relaxed or energized after the treatment. However, some say that the needles give a temporary soreness after the session.


In conclusion, acupuncture therapy is definitely a pain-healing technique that’s worth trying. Some of the known conditions that this method can heal are low-back pain, headaches, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, and many others. With very low rates of reported complications, this technique is generally safe for all. If you’re interested to try the healing effects of acupuncture, always look for licensed and experienced acupuncturists to make sure you get the best treatment possible.