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How Does Acupuncture Help Relieve Pain?

For thousands of years, Acupuncture has been a reliable healing method or technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, this technique has already been accepted and is quite popular among patients in modern medicine for years now. Millions of Americans and a lot...

PEMF Therapy and Healing

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or simply PEMF Therapy, has long been accepted in the medical field in many countries across the globe. Since its breakthrough, this method of healing already showed a lot of positive results through the years.   For some...

Organic Manicure vs Regular Manicure

It is quite important to stress out that our nails are just as important as any other parts of the skin. Which is why nail care regarded as one of the basic skin care and grooming treatments that everyone should also put his or her attention to. Not only that, our...

Naturopathic Medicine and Athletes

There are few activities as demanding as playing sports and this high level of action often brings about the necessity for medicinal treatments. And while the sports world is filled with an array of different medicines, few are as effective as naturopathic treatments....

3 Ways to Decrease Inflammation with a Proper Diet

If you suffer from inflammation, then you are probably aware that it can cause an array of health issues, such as headaches, fatigue, and stiffness. Not only can these ailments affect your body, but they can also make it difficult to get through the workday. However,...

Overview of Naturopathic Medicine

One of the broadest categories of alternative medicines and practices is the concept of naturopathic medicine. And while there is some skepticism as to whether naturopathic medicines have the healing properties that are often associated with them, there is no doubt...

Is Inflammation Underlying All Your Health Concerns?

The more we learn about health the more we understand that chronic inflammation is in the background of almost all illness.  Whether you are dealing with diabetes, heart issues, headaches, chronic pain, excess weight, infections thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, gut...

The Benefits of Halotherapy or “Salt Therapy”

If you are familiar with alternative medicines and treatments, then chances are you have heard of halotherapy or “salt therapy”. After all, the concepts involved in halotherapy have been around for centuries, and this popularity goes a long way in showing its...

Benefits of Doing Tai Chi

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, is an alternative medicine that involves the act of performing body movements while meditating. And while it is only deemed an “alternative medicine”, there are many that argue that tai chi is as effective at curing certain...

4 Types of Alternative Medicine Defined

One of the most popular medical concepts within the last few years has been the use of alternative medicines in curing an array of different medical conditions. And while there are those that feel that alternative forms of treatment are not as effective as modern...

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