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Brain Based Wellness

We offer technology and consulting that can help you attain your goals.


Brain Tap Technology

Your brain is the most precious organ in your body. Even when other vital organs keep working, without brain wave activity, the body is an empty vessel. Modern science understands more about the brain than ever before. For instance, we now know that the brain is plastic — meaning that is can change itself, and does so based on the input it receives. this is called neuroplasticity.


Neuroplasticity means that we are NOT victims of genetics or limited by an imperfect IQ as once believed.


It also means you have the power to create your own success — your own fate, as it were — simply by providing your brain the stimulus it needs to transform you into a mental powerhouse, capable of fashioning any life you desire.


Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback is a new technology that assists health practitioners in finding energetic imbalances in humans (or animals). Based on Quantum Physics this technology reveals what are the “stressors” affecting your physical health as well as any mental or emotional imbalance by calculating the biological reactivity and resonance in your body. The data offers an understanding of your possible needs, dysfunction and vulnerabilities. The information focuses on your energetic body which offers a more complete view of each facet of your health. Everyone is very unique and the SCIO will often reveal some hidden pieces of the “puzzle” so we can see more of the “whole picture”. Along with our other testing methods this has proven to be an invaluable tool. The SCIO device can be also used as a therapeutic system by energetically helping to clear blockages and rebalance the body through its different therapeutic modes. It’s very safe and can be used for adults, children and even animals. The only contraindications are for people who have a pacemaker or for people who suffer from epilepsy.