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Employee productivity is based on the employee’s physical and mental disposition. A happy and healthy employee is not only more productive but also promotes productivity and the well being of others. In looking at overall health and wellness, we are not referring only to the absence of sickness or disease, but rather health and wellness as maximum function and vitality..

The Corporate Wellness Program’s goal is to create maximum success in the workplace by implementing healthier lifestyle habits within all of its employees. This is made possible by providing the right tools for employees to make healthier diet choices, manage stress, treat disease, heal addictions, understand team work, and produce higher energy levels.

We implement these goals through our holistic approach to wellness and by working closely with individuals, providing them the tools necessary to make these shifts.

We believe that the unique holistic approach of this wellness program makes it possible for employees to sustain the lifestyle shift because of the education and tools they receive. This helps employees avoid the “rubber band” syndrome: going back to their old habits.

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318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4R1 Canada

318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4R1 Canada