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Our lives, health, and well-being are truly dependent on the Sun’s energy. We are nourished directly by the stimulation of sunlight and nourished indirectly by eating foods, drinking fluids, and breathing air that has been vitalized by the Sun. Over the course of time, many scientists have concluded that infrared energy is not only part of the Sun’s energy spectrum; but, it is the safest and most beneficial frequency of natural sunlight with the potential to generate amazing therapeutic effects in our body. This includes improved circulation, enhanced natural detoxification, and reinforced immune responses. This heat energy can deliver healing relief for joint and muscle pain and inflammation, enhance cardiovascular function, lower cholesterol, revitalize skin cells, emulsify fat, increase metabolic rate and curtail the spread of infection.

Infrared is rapidly gaining popularity as a safe therapy for natural health care. It is safe and can benefit most of us in number of powerful and therapeutic way. Far Infrared (“FIR”) raises our body core temperature inducing an “artificial fever” that helps us naturally detoxify. It supports our immune system and improves our body’s ability to absorb essential nutrition. Most of all, far infrared heat is all natural; we cannot get too much of it; and it sets the stage of our body to heal naturally on its own.

We feature the Therasage device, because it features natural tourmaline great for grounding or earthing. It has a 360 degree of infrared waves penetrating deep into our body. So start taking charge of your health today by clicking on the link below or call us to book your session with us today.

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318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4R1 Canada

318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4R1 Canada