Halotherapy Vancouver

Halotherapy Vancouver

Many people prefer to use a natural or holistic approach to healing and wellness. Halotherapy in Vancouver is a natural healing method that utilizes salt. This type of therapy has been used for centuries. Early Europeans visited salt caves to heal respiratory illnesses. Today, halotherapy is used throughout the world as a natural treatment for skin and respiratory problems. It has been known to be effective for many people and is a safe and drug-free alternative to prescribed medications. It can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of medications.

How Halotherapy Works

Salt is a mineral that is extremely absorbent. The small particles get into the lungs to help naturally cleanse the body. Salt pulls pollutants and potential allergens out of the respiratory system to clear the lungs and airway and lower the incidence of inflammation. Salt is known to be a natural cleanser and it can improve the affects of allergies in some people. Salt has been known to improve asthma in some patients.

Halotherapy in Vancouver can be done by spending time in a “salt cave”.  A salt cave is an enclosed room that provides a specific concentration of salt into the air. You simply sit inside the salt room for a period of time. While you breathe in the salted air you will benefit from salt therapy.

Advantages of Halotherapy in Vancouver

There are a number of advantages reported by those who use halotherapy in Vancouver.

    Improves Breathing

Breathing in oxygen saturated with salt can help you breathe better. It can clear the sinuses through mucus secretion. The result is a clearer and less inflamed airway leading to the feeling of being able to take in more air and breathe more deeply.

    Enhances Natural Immunity

Salt can improve the body’s immune system by reducing immunoglobulin in the body. This promotes healing and reduces allergies, deficiencies and inflammations. When salt particles from the air touch the skin they boost the skin’s ability to create collagen. The body’s immune system can be strengthened with contact with salt.

    Decreases Stress

Halotherapy can also reduce stress in the body. Sitting in a peaceful setting such as the salt cave helps you feel more at peace. The atmosphere is tranquil and serene so you will easily begin to feel stress leave your body.


Where to Find Halotherapy in Vancouver


Halotherapy is often considered a spa treatment but it also has therapeutic value. At Pure5 Wellness Hub we offer halotherapy therapy and other naturopathic solutions. We provide a number of health and wellness strategies for patients who wish to address their treatments with a natural and holistic approach. Our highly trained professional team is here to help assist you with all types of treatments including massage, acupuncture, life blood analysis, quantum biofeedback, full spectrum infrared and salt halotherapy. We use the latest techniques to help you feel relief from many different ailments as well as preventative therapies.

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Halotherapy Vancouver
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