One of the best things about naturopathic medicines is the fact that remedies can be found nearly anywhere, including your kitchen. And while it may be surprising that your spice rack holds the cure to a variety of ailments, this is certainly the case. Here is some interesting information on the health benefits of common spices.


Peppercorns Aid in Digestion.
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If you are having digestion issues, look no further than the bottle of peppercorns in your spice rack. Peppercorns contain an oil that has been found to aid in the digestive process and it is for this reason that it is a popular ingredient in tea. In addition, pepper is also used to loosen mucus, which goes a long way in reducing chronic inflammation.

Garlic Powder

You may have heard of the medicinal properties of raw garlic, but did you know that garlic powder can work wonders for your health as well. Garlic powder is an antioxidant that has qualities which help to fight against certain types of cancers, as well as lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, garlic powder also thins the blood and this reduces the chance of a stroke occurring,

Dried Thyme

Dried Thyme Can Act as a Remedy Against Coughs.
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When the cold season rolls around, you will want to make sure that you have some thyme close at hand. Thyme has been shown to be a remedy against dry coughs, as it relaxes the respiratory muscles and this helps the body to remove mucus from the chest. Not only this, but it has antibacterial properties which makes it a useful remedy for getting rid of chest infections.

Turmeric Powder

Perhaps the most common spice that is used for medicinal purposes is turmeric powder and its health benefits are ever-increasing. In fact, research has suggested that turmeric powder can help the body to fight chronic inflammation. And although the spice can be used as a naturopathic medicine, its most potent variation comes in the form of a supplement.


Long before cardamom became known as a household spice, it was used heavily for medicinal purposes, and this tradition still continues. One of the foremost benefits of taking cardamom is its ability to elevate one’s mood. Along with increasing a person’s mood, cardamom also aids in improving blood circulation.

Check the Spice Rack

If you find yourself suffering from health ailments, then look no further than your spice rack. Certain spices, like that of peppercorns, can help improve the digestive system and loosen mucus. In addition, spices such as garlic powder have antioxidant properties that can ward off certain types of cancer. When the cold weather comes around, you may want to keep the bottle of thyme close at hand, as it is very effective against dry coughs. These are just a few of the many useful spices that have natural health benefits.