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“The eye is the light of the body.”


Our eyes radiate what and who we are at every moment. Their dynamic characteristics change according to our vitality, emotions and attitudes. When we are clear and balanced, we radiate warmth and love; when we are tired and depleted, or have a headache, the energy we transmit is diminished. We are all familiar with how much information can be exchanged through the eyes alone. Eyes tell us many things. We recognize a flash of anger, the ice-cold scornful look of rejection, or the bored indifferent stare. We can be drawn to someone’s eyes or we may turn away from their gaze in fear and discomfort. Every moment, we use our eyes to transmit information and decode the universe around us.


What is iridology?  
Iridology analyzes the markings and structures of the iris – the coloured portion of the eye. Under magnification, the iris reveals a world of minute details that help practitioners identify susceptibility for disease and develop a more complete understanding of their patients’ health care needs.


How does it work?  
The iris of the eye is the most complex tissue of the body that meets the outside world. It is an extension of the brain, with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscles and other tissues. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system. The nerve fibers receive their impulses by way of their connections to the optic nerve, optic thalami and spinal cord. Nerve fibers in the iris respond to changes in the body tissues by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to specific tissue changes and locations. The scientific explanation of exactly how this process works neurologically is still forthcoming. Much research is being devoted to a clearer understanding of these phenomena.


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