IV Therapy Vancouver

IV Therapy Vancouver

The body needs vitamins and nutrients to function properly and ward off illness and disease. Supplements are one way to get these substances, however, if you want to get a high dose the best way is intravenously. IV therapy in Vancouver is a method of delivering these important substances directly into the body to help improve energy, balance mood, improve exercise recovery and generally boosting the immune system.

What to Expect with IV Therapy in Vancouver

IV therapy in Vancouver begins with a health assessment. The first step is to determine the specific needs of each patient. The evaluation will include an interview to find out some of your symptoms as well as what other treatments you are currently utilizing. A blood workup may be completed in order to review the body’s need for various types of therapies.

An IV treatment will be performed in a subsequent visit. There are two main types of IV treatments available including an IV push and IV drip. An IV push is a fast way to get nutrients into the body and the process usually takes up to half an hour. An IV drip takes longer to enter the body because it generally contains a higher concentration of vitamins or nutrients. An IV drip is often used for the treatment of certain types of health conditions and they last up to an hour.

Immune Boosting and Wellness Boosts

Pure5 Wellness Hub offers a selection of different IV therapy options. Our natural immune-boosting injections are popular when you want to give your immune system some extra support, especially in the winter months. A natural cold and flu shot combines natural herbal medicines with vitamin B12 to help your immune system provide a healthy response. B12 is known to improve energy, boost moods, help metabolism and generally improve overall health. We recommend receiving this boost about once a week during flu season.

Our immune boosting IV therapy is formulated with vitamins such as C, B12, B6, B5 and minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc. An IV offers direct delivery of these safe, water-soluble vitamin solutions. IV therapy gives you direct infusion into the bloodstream so it does not lose anything in the digestive tract. As a result, you can achieve faster and better results than simply taking supplements orally.

Wellness Boosts

At Pure5 Wellness Hub we also offer clients wellness boosts. Wellness boosts are injections that work similarly to IV therapy in Vancouver. They are perfect for those who want to get the benefits of vitamins and minerals but prefer an injection rather than an IV. Our wellness boosts are available to treat a myriad of conditions including to boost energy or mood, for PMS or hormonal balance, to boost metabolism for weight loss, to improve seasonal allergies, fight the flu and boost the body’s immune system. We will evaluate your needs and recommend wellness boosts for your particular requirements.

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IV Therapy Vancouver
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