Healthy nutrition and eating consciously are part of the foundation for excellent health and mental/emotional well being; however, the old saying,”You are what you eat” should really be changed to “You are what you absorb.” The absorptive capacity of the gastrointestinal system is huge; however, in today’s society there are a number of culprits that impair this system: Chronic Stress, inflammation, pesticides, improper diet, petrochemicals, hypochlorhydria or dysbiosis are some of the examples. Unfortunately, not only do these impair our nutrient absorptions, they also contribute to “leaky gut” and an increase in toxin production – a double whammy! IV Therapy is your solutions for rapid absorption directly to your tissues and cells.

Having IV therapy helps increase energy, optimal detoxification, enhanced immune functionality, improved sleep, mood stabilization, quicker healing times, and reduced allergic response. These are just a few of the many benefits for IV Therapy.

Some common ingredients in IV Therapy are Vitamin C’s, Magnesium Calcium, Gluthathione, amino-acids, and various B vitamins.

We can customize the IV that best suits your health needs. So start taking charge of your health today by clicking on the link below or call us to book your session with us today.

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318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4R1 Canada

318 Gilmore Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4R1 Canada