Live Blood Analysis Burnaby

Live Blood Analysis Burnaby

Natural and holistic treatments are often a preferred alternative to traditional medicine. When you prevent or treat illnesses and diseases with naturopathic medicine you can experience excellent results. There are many different ways to evaluate and treat the body using holistic methods. Holistic care takes the entire body and mind into consideration and offers natural ways to treat illnesses that are safe and effective.  One of the diagnostic tools available is live blood analysis in Burnaby.

Live Blood Analysis in Burnaby

Live blood analysis is a method used to diagnose a variety of illnesses and deficiencies in the body. The blood is very complex and by closely examining it doctors can get a snapshot of your health. Live blood analysis in Burnaby begins by taking a very small blood sample. In fact, only a tiny pin prick is all that is necessary to obtain the sample we need. Then, the blood is analyzed using a powerful microscope.

The doctor will view your blood to determine any inconsistencies. There is a lot that can be learned from analyzing your blood. Your blood will show your overall health and blood ecology. Blood analysis can be done for healthy individuals as well as those who are suffering from some medical issues.

Some of the important information that can be gained include:

    Vitamin Deficiencies Blood Sugar Imbalances Acid and Alkaline Imbalances Lymphatic Lethargy Atherosclerotic Plaque Hormonal Imbalances Clotting Disorders Poor Circulation Undigested Fats and Proteins

Once your blood has been analyzed the specialist will review the results with you and your blood will be compared with a healthy sample. The blood analysis includes a five-page report that will be included in your personal file.

Treatment Plans

Upon completion of the evaluation of the live blood analysis in Burnaby you will be provided with some treatment options. These may include a variety of things based on the findings. Lifestyle changes, supplements and natural therapies may be suggested to prevent illness or treat conditions based on the results of the live blood analysis.

By reviewing your blood you may be able to stop or minimize health issues before they become problematic. Resolving and treating health concerns early may be a way to remain healthy. Live blood analysis can show you areas of your body that need attention so you can make the necessary changes before the situation escalates.

At Pure5 Wellness Hub we provide a full range of naturopathic evaluations and treatments. Our experienced staff is here to support your needs. Our services include therapeutic massage, acupuncture, halotherapy, full spectrum infrared sauna, IV therapy and more. Our skilled holistic healthcare practitioners will analyze your entire situation to develop a customized treatment plan that is designed to meet your needs. Lifestyle changes and natural treatments may be helpful for lifelong results.

We offer a variety of services and work to educate you on the ways in which you can benefit from a holistic healthcare approach. Visit our Pure5 Wellness Hub website to learn more about our services or to schedule a visit.  

Live Blood Analysis Burnaby
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