Massage Therapy Vancouver

Massage Therapy Vancouver

Holistic therapy is an ideal way to treat a great many medical problems and illnesses. Holistic treatments work to care for the entire person and utilize natural methods. These naturopathic treatments have been used for many years, some of them for centuries. Of the many naturopathic treatments available, massage is likely the most well-known. Massage therapy in Vancouver can help provide treatment and prevention of injuries.

Massage is recognized by science as a valuable and effective way to release muscle tension, reduce pain and discomfort and stimulate the body to produce lactic acid to properly dispose of toxins. Massage can also treat the body due to negative environmental impacts such as poor diet, improper sleep habits, lack of exercise and more.

Types of Massage Therapy in Vancouver

There are various types of massage therapy that are available depending on your specific needs.

    Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most widely known of all massage modalities. It utilizes five basic strokes to provide results. These strokes include sliding, kneading, tapping, friction and vibration. Swedish massage is known to be effective in the reduction of lower back pain with results that may last up to 15 weeks.

    Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy in Vancouver penetrates into the deep areas of muscles and tissues. It is often found to be helpful for the treatment of chronic pain that is a result of contracted muscles. It is often used to treat the neck, upper back, shoulders, lower back and legs.

    Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy creates many changes to the mother’s body. During pregnancy there are many aches and pains that can be relieved. The body’s alignment and center of gravity change several times throughout pregnancy. As the body prepares for birth, the mother may benefit from specialized massage techniques to address discomfort and promote relaxation during this important time.

    Myofascial Release

Fascia is a soft tissue layer that is under the skin to protect the organs, muscles and nerves. Myofascia tissue specifically protects the muscles. This layer of tissue can become damaged and torn because of overuse and trauma. These “trigger points” create problems by keeping muscles from functioning as they should. Myofascial release massage, MFR, releases muscular tightness or shortness. It is particularly useful after surgery and for ongoing tightness in the shoulder and back as well as problems with the hips. It can be used successfully for almost any soft tissue pain in the body.

Pure5 Wellness Hub offers complete naturopathic treatments including all types of massage therapy in Vancouver. You can start to feel better and become pain-free after just weeks of treatment by our experienced professionals. Our expert team is available to provide the precise type of massage that will effectively treat your specific pain.

Massage therapy starts with a consultation. We will evaluate your needs to determine which method of treatment will be most efficient. You can rely on our highly skilled team to assist you in resolving your discomfort. You can learn more about Pure5 Wellness Hub online or call us today to schedule an appointment.  

Massage Therapy Vancouver
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