Natural Health Burnaby

Natural Health Burnaby

Health and wellness is important to your overall well-being. There are many illnesses and diseases that can be prevented with the use of natural health in Burnaby. Natural health methods include a variety of options that do not involve the use of traditional prescription medications, medical treatments or surgery. Instead, your health issues are prevented and treated with natural methods such as massage, acupuncture, halotherapy, iridology, life blood analysis, quantum biofeedback, organic body care and naturopathic medicine.

Why Use a Natural Health Approach

Many natural treatment methods have been useful for many hundreds of years. The use of these methods provides assistance so the body can heal better on its own and perform as it should. Natural methods are typically less harsh than other treatment options and usually have few or no negative side effects. You can use a natural approach without hesitation because it usually cannot cause harm and instead can often help your body overcome the illness more readily.

Natural methods do not require you to put harmful or toxic substances into your body. Naturopathic medicine relies on herbals and other ingredients to gently and naturally heal or prevent illnesses. They are derived from the same natural medicines that have been used for generations, before modern medicine took over. In some instances, natural health in Burnaby can supplement traditional medications and treatments to provide a more holistic approach to medical care.

Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Holistic medicine treats the entire body and mind to resolve problems. The body is a unique system and all parts of it work together. When treating an illness it is essential to treat the entire body in order to obtain successful results. This is done through a holistic approach to natural health in Burnaby.

Treatments may include a variety of options such as nutrition, physical medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, detoxification, desensitization therapy, IV therapy and counselling. These various treatments may be used in combination with each other to create a plan that is unique for your specific situation and needs.

Natural Treatments

The first step in finding a treatment for natural health in Burnaby is to determine your particular needs. Your symptoms and overall health assessment will help decide which treatments are likely to be most effective. At Pure5 Wellness Hub we treat the whole person. We will work with you on diet management and counselling for guidance and personal growth along with other methods of treatment. Botanical medicines and supplements are often utilized as an alternative to traditional prescriptions because they are generally less harsh and have fewer side effects. Homeopathic medicine allows for remedies that are safe and gentle. Detoxification is helpful to rid the body of toxins through changes in diet, tissue drainage, organ support and lifestyle changes. Those with allergies may benefit from desensitization therapy.

At Pure5 Wellness Hub we strive to help all our patients receive the holistic care they require to assist them with the prevention and treatment of illnesses and diseases. Visit our website to learn more and to schedule an appointment.


Natural Health Burnaby
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