Naturopathic Medicine Burnaby

Naturopathic Medicine Burnaby

Many people are looking for a natural approach to health and wellness. Prescription medications and other treatments can be harsh and may cause a multitude of side effects. The solution is to find a more holistic approach to health care. Naturopathic medicine in Burnaby is an option for people who want to treat or prevent illnesses with a gentler choice. Pure5 Wellness Hub offers comprehensive naturopathic choices for treatment and prevention of illness.

Naturopathic medicine in Burnaby

There are six principles to naturopathic medicine. It includes the healing power of natural ingredients, treatment of the root cause of the problem, doing no further harm to the patient through treatment, teaching the patient about natural care, treating the whole person and prevention of illness.

Many people prefer this natural method of treatment rather than traditional medical care and prescription medications. The ancient form of naturopathic medicine is considered a art, science and philosophy for treatment and care. Some of the methods can be used in conjunction with other types of care.

Naturopathic Treatment Plans

Naturopathic medicine in Burnaby is comprised of a variety of treatment options. Each treatment is in keeping with a holistic approach to primary health care. The options can be combined to form a treatment plan that considers the entire individual rather than simply caring for a specific symptom or illness.

Nutrition includes the management of diet and supplements to improve health and prevent illness. Physical medicine uses exercise and techniques such as massage and soft tissue therapies. Botanical medicine is the use of herbals to treat the body. Counselling is utilized in conjunction with these methods to facilitate new habits and personal growth.

Detoxification is done through diet and lifestyle changes to clear the body of toxins. Desensitization therapies are employed for allergies to eliminate the need for medications. IV therapy provides nutrition and supplements intravenously. This can  be helpful to provide immediate results.

Homeopathic Care

Naturopathic medicine in Burnaby utilizes these homeopathic care techniques to treat the whole body and mind. At Pure5 Wellness Hub care begins with a health assessment to determine a treatment plan that addresses your particular needs and concerns. Everyone’s needs are different and may require the use of various methods of care. Together, we work to determine the underlying cause of an illness or develop a wellness plan that will prevent illness. This is particularly important for those who have hereditary illness worries. Treatments are gentle and safe with few or no side effects.

Our treatment plan consists of care that will help you make permanent changes in your life that will help treat an illness now and in the future. We work to ensure that the treatments we provide are the best ones to address your specific needs. We help you understand how these changes will assist in resolving your current illnesses and reduce the risk of developing some types of diseases.

Pure5 Wellness Hub assists clients with all types of illness and disease care and prevention. You can find out more about our excellent treatment plans online or call us today to schedule an appointment.



Naturopathic Medicine Burnaby
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