It is quite important to stress out that our nails are just as important as any other parts of the skin. Which is why nail care regarded as one of the basic skin care and grooming treatments that everyone should also put his or her attention to.

Not only that, our nails are not just parts of our body that we can decorate with nail polish or beautiful nail art designs. Our nails also serve as important indicators of our entire physical health.

Among the nail care and grooming techniques or treatments people get is getting a manicure. In fact, a woman’s well-deserved spa day will not usually be complete without it. When it comes to manicure treatments, there are quite a lot of trends that people enjoy lately.

Moreover, with skin care almost fully embracing the wonders of organic products, it is only natural that manicures would also jump on the organic bandwagon.  

Organic Manicure vs. Regular Manicure. Which is which?


Organic manicure is almost like your regular manicure treatment. The biggest difference here is that it ditches the use of toxic chemicals that spas regularly uses. Instead, it replaces organic products that promise to do no harm on one’s nail beds, cuticles, and the nail itself.

It also takes pride in giving the same level of pampering or grooming to your fingernails without risking the possibility of infection or worse, getting illnesses caused by the chemicals that are used in regular manicure treatments.

There is a plethora of deadly toxins and chemicals found in regular nail care products used in regular manicure treatments. These harmful chemicals include the following:

  •    Toluene, which is a form of paint thinner,
  •    Formaldehyde, which is the chemical that is used to embalm a corpse, and
  •    DPB (dibutylphthalate), which is majorly linked to organ toxicity, endocrine system disorder, and allergies.

There are still quite a lot of harmful chemicals found in regular nail care products that may affect the normal functions of the body. As a whole, these toxins and chemicals are connected to major health issues affecting the body’s hormones and are linked to cancer. These substances are too strong that even its smell is a little hard to take for some people.

In contrast, the products used in organic manicure treatments are free of those harmful toxins and chemicals. Through skin and body friendly products, our bodies won’t suffer in the long run compared to the possible consequences of its chemical-laden counterparts.

Since organic manicure products have ingredients that are natural and beneficial to the body, it surely won’t give off that strong smell of chemicals during the entire pampering session.

Get the Best Self-Care Treatment You Deserve


When getting skincare and grooming services, whether it’s a manicure, pedicure, facial, and many others, people should always be mindful not only on the products that are used in these services but also the equipment or tools that make these services up and running.

For example, you should make sure that their tools are hygienic because harmful chemicals are not the only sources of illnesses, infections, and other diseases. Harmful dirt and pollution is also a great factor, too.

In the end, each one should get the best self-care treatment that they deserve. Remember that caring for body and wellness should not become a source of discomfort or illness. Therefore, you should be very particular in choosing skin care treatments whenever you decide to pamper yourself.

As different beauty trends lean more on the campaign for organic products, treatments, or methods, it is no secret that many businesses in the beauty and wellness industry are already embracing its existence. These innovations brought services that focus on the human welfare as a whole.