Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or simply PEMF Therapy, has long been accepted in the medical field in many countries across the globe. Since its breakthrough, this method of healing already showed a lot of positive results through the years.


For some people, this therapeutic healing technique may come across as unfamiliar. Not everyone has heard of it yet. What is PEMF Therapy all about and how does it work? Let’s discuss everything you need to know about it.


What are the benefits of PEMF Therapy?


Before delving into specifics, it’s important to know what PEMF therapy is all about. By definition, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is mainly a form of pain management method or procedure. To the patient, this procedure enhances the body’s function, improves blood circulation, heals bone defects, reduces chronic pain, increases one’s range of motion and many others. It is also known to provide healing to a number of illnesses or conditions.


Relieving known symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis is one of the benefits of PEMF Therapy. It is one of the most common chronic inflammatory diseases all over the world and it’s no secret that those who have it constantly look for ways to alleviate the painful symptoms as well as the joint swelling and inflammation that comes with it. Millions of individuals who are struggling with this condition may benefit from this method of healing.


Cases of patients with clinical depression who have undergone this type of therapy have shown positive effects on their state of being. Statistics show that there is approximately 30 percent of individuals with depression are resistant to various antidepressant drugs. One study shows a significant improvement among patients who are treatment-resistant when the procedure is performed and administered together with antidepressants.


While being a little new to the modern medical community, this procedure is slowly gaining its popularity. Generally, PEMF is safe for humans to undergo at any given duration. In fact, it is known that longer exposure to PEMF may bring better results.


How does it work?


With all the benefits that this method of healing can give to millions of individuals, have you ever wondered how does PEMF therapy works? To further explain the process of this procedure, let’s break it down one by one.  


The cells in our bodies function in a way that it has a regular production of electric impulses and has its own level of electromagnetic field (EMF). When the bodies’ cells lose its functional metabolism, a person may end up having diseases and conditions as well as the breakdown of the organs in the body. With this procedure, the cells that need a little boost of EMF in order to restore the cells’ former health and function.


The EMF boost penetrates through tissues, bones, and down to the cells without affecting the cell’s natural genetic makeup. When PEMF therapy is performed in the patient’s body, both the electrical and chemical processes cause the cells to restore their function and in their best state. Since human cells are very sensitive elements, it can respond even to a very low level of EMF. Therefore, the frequency applied during the procedure will always matter.


During the procedure, the level of frequencies applied varies from basic to complex. When having the therapy session, the intensity of EMFs can be adjusted. Keep in mind, however, that the intensity that should be applied during the procedure is just enough for it to take effect. If it’s too high, it may cause harm to the cells and potentially damage it further. On the other hand, there will be little to no effect if the intensity applied is too low.


Seek expert advice and care


Like any other medical procedures or therapies, it’s still important to exercise with caution. Never agree to any procedure without understanding what it would do to your body. Remember that doctors or medical practitioners are your best bet in getting the best medical advice when it comes to what procedure or method should you take.


For PEMF therapy and healing, practicing the same principle is still key. In order for you to have some peace of mind, always let experts talk you through its procedures, benefits, and possible side effects should there be any.