Quantum Biofeedback Vancouver

Quantum Biofeedback Vancouver

Everyone’s body resonates energy. These vibrations come from the organs in every part of the body. If the energy is blocked it can cause the organs to function improperly. This can occur when there is a build-up of toxins or for other reasons. Quantum biofeedback in Vancouver is used to measure the body’s vibrations to locate blocked areas. These areas can then be treated to help the body begin the healing process. Energy medicine is a naturopathic treatment for blocked energy in the body.

Understanding Quantum Biofeedback in Vancouver

Quantum biofeedback is a relatively new type of technology that practitioners use to locate areas of energy imbalance. It provides data that shows precisely where there are any imbalances in the body by calculating biological reactivity and resonance. A qualified practitioner will review the information gathered to determine problems and areas that need to be addressed.

It is helpful to understand that damaging frequencies can build up inside the cells for years without detection. When chemical changes begin to occur in cells toxins and pathogens are able to infiltrate. Just because you don’t exhibit physical symptoms doesn’t mean there is not a problem. The ability to detect this energy buildup before it causes damage can be extremely important in preventing a variety of illnesses before they worsen.

How Quantum Biofeedback Works

Quantum biofeedback utilizes a device called an SCIO. The practitioner uses the SCIO device to scan the body. The device identifies areas of stress. It provides relief for stress that has accumulated due to physical trauma or emotional upsets. The unit helps to reactivate the body’s own healing abilities to improve the balance of energy.

The SCIO can help to relieve pain and boost the immune system while helping to improve the absorption of nutrients. In addition to the immediate results it can provide, quantum biofeedback in Vancouver also provides an indication of where further treatment may be necessary. Additional therapies and lifestyle changes can then be recommended to address the specific needs of the patient.   

Naturopathic Treatments

Quantum biofeedback in Vancouver is just one of the natural methods available to evaluate and treat the body. Holistic medicine takes the entire body and mind into consideration when choosing effective treatment and preventative care options. Natural treatments may incorporate lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements, massage, acupuncture, herbal medicines and others. These treatments are often combined to create a plan that will help improve a person’s entire body and mind for a happier and healthier life. Quantum biofeedback is safe for adults and children but should not be used by those with epilepsy.

Pure5 Wellness Hub specializes in providing naturopathic treatments in Vancouver. Our highly skilled and experienced staff is available to provide a variety of treatments depending on your specific needs. We work to evaluate your health and then create a plan that will address any issues using natural and holistic methods. Visit our website to learn more about our naturopathic treatments and services or call today to schedule an appointment.

Quantum Biofeedback Vancouver
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